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The new standard in paint

With consumers increasingly focused on environmental issues, plus the impact of stringent regulations, the market for sustainable design solutions is predicted to grow rapidly. To shape this transition to a sustainable future, DSM (a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials) developed a plant-based resins portfolio called Decovery®.

Next generation plant-based paints

DSM created a key component for paint that has a huge effect on the way that design looks, feels and smells. Every paint needs a resin, because that is the binding agent that holds the paint together. It’s the fundament and the backbone of the paint. Most designers and architects work with solvent or water based paints that contain a big number of fossils that have negative impact on the environment. What makes Decovery® stand out is the fact that it comes primarily from plants, seeds and other natural materials.

Decovery® resins are plant-based, reducing the carbon footprint and meet the high-performance requirements of end users today and tomorrow.

Imagine a sustainable future

For DSM, creating sustainable value means constantly looking for new, improved materials to design more sustainable paint. Just like designers and architects, scientists are optimists – imagineers - who spend their lives wondering ‘what if’; continually reframing challenges and enhancing their work in pursuit of the next big breakthrough. Sometimes, a ‘what if?’ evolves into a ‘why not?’ And occasionally…it becomes a reality. One such example is Decovery®, a family of paint resins from DSM that binds the product’s ingredients.

A new technology to create sustainable paints and inks

DSM can now design resins from plants, seeds and leaves in much the same way that today’s design industry creates products from natural and sustainable materials. Specifically, we extract the sugars, starches and natural oils from trees and agricultural waste through a process known as biomass conversion to create our building block.

Join the movement

DSM aims to positively impact the world. For people today and generations to come. A revolution you can become part of! Discover Decovery®: DSMDecovery.com/design


Finiture Green exhibition

An exhibition to learn about eco-friendly finishes. We invite you to visit the Finiture Green exhibition in Milan from 17 April – 20 May 2018. You may discover that the coating on your product really is… ‘the icing on the cake’.

The exhibition will include plant-based coatings (produced with raw materials from renewable sources), clean chrome plating, other coating technologies with low environmental impact, that will be the protagonists of this installation that will take place along the famous "walk" on the rooftops of Milan, designed by architect Paolo Favole.

Fill in the form and request your free ticket!