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The original minimalist window

Switzerland is synonymous with quality, and the “Swiss-made” label tells consumers more than just where the product they are buying is from – it tells them it has been made to a superb standard of craftsmanship. Developed by engineers trained in the rigours of watchmaking, Vitrocsa windows are the epitome of all things Swiss: innovatory, modernistic, reliable and robust. It's no wonder that Vitrocsa's designs have won major architectural awards throughout the world.


The guillotine frames mean that almost boundless heights can be reached, whilst retaining the same quality and aesthetic criteria.
Perfectly balanced, the moveable panes (maximum 500 kg per glass) can be manipulated with just a few grams of thrust, either manually or motorised. They can operate in one of two ways:
– a system with two identical glass panes which counter-balance one another;
– a counterweight system on the side (integrated into the finishes) which enable an infinite range of configurations.

Penthouse in the 20/30 towers in Beirut

The 20/30 towers represent a fresh vision for Beirut. They combine uncompromising luxury with an unprecedented respect for the environment. Designed and constructed in partnership with the largest architecture, energy and engineering firms, this residential building harnesses the latest design and construction technologies. The end result is not only exceptionally sustainable and functional, it is beautiful. 20/30 is as green on the inside as it is environmentally sound on the outside and throughout the premises. A curved photovoltaic network transforms the sun's rays into enough electricity to provide hot water, heating and air conditioning to all the shared areas of the building, using the latest-generation VRV technology to tap these renewable resources. Exclusive thermal insulation and zinc cladding ensure that the 20/30 residences retain the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Located right at the top, the penthouse is a triplex with a generous double height ceiling, a terrace and a pool. The concept behind the project was to create an urban retreat overlooking the city. The space within the three-storey penthouse is structured around the principle of vertical movement, with a private lift and staircase. This element is the backbone of the project. The Vitrocsa TH+ system with motorised runners is designed to be invisible, and to blur the boundaries between inside and out, specifically adapted to the Mediterranean climate. The meticulous details of the Vitrocsa invisible frame have helped create a unified space, with the white marble flooring running from the inside all the way to the edge of the pool. These minimal details showcase both the landscaping and the view surrounding the apartment.

The following Vitrocsa systems were used:

For the sliding façades:

  • Sliding Vitrocsa TH+ with invisible wall
  • The main façade is motorised, with total dimensions of 5.7 m high by 8 m wide
  • Glass: high-performance insulating glass with laminated double glazing (laminated inner and outer panes)

For the guillotine:

  • Vitrocsa TH+ motorised guillotine
  • Dimensions: 10 m high by 3 m wide
  • Glass: high-performance insulating glass with laminated double glazing (laminated inner and outer panes)

Developer: Jamil Saab & Co
Building architect: Marcello Lo Mauro, Italy
Penthouse architect: RAA (Raed Abillama Architects), Lebanon
Photographer: Patrice Schreyer, Switzerland
Partner: Glassline Industries

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