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Gold leaf Mosaic

Our finest mosaic material comes from the time-honoured combination of glass and that most precious metal, 24 carat gold. This gold leaf mosaic is produced in three different designs: Traditional, Modern and Karma Mirage. 

This establishes Trend as the only company offering such a wide choice in the prestige market, with designs that can satisfy many different aesthetic and budget requirements.

Made using up to 66% post-industrial recycled glass.

Tiles are handmade by fusing together sheets of glass and squares of 8 x 8 cm blown glass, coated with thin gold leaf.

The plates thus obtained are then cut by hand into the various formats.

The tesserae can have a smooth or corrugated surface and are available in two versions, yellow gold and white gold; by painting the blown glass, it is also possible to obtain very unusual pieces of stained gold. Traditional Aureo is available as a floor (F) or wall covering (W).

In the flooring version (F), a greater thickness of glass is visible, which also serves to protect the gold leaf from foot traffic; in the wall version (W), less thickness of the glass is exposed.

There are few imitations of this product on the market, because of the authentic manufacturing process, which is still mostly carried out by hand.

Special care is required during installation and close attention should be paid to the joints. Gold tiles are sold per piece, in order to introduce a luxurious effect to any mosaic.

Gallery of variants

Given the wide range of AUREO products, it is best to consult the company on the correct choice of tile for the intended use.


Trend Group is partner of Heinz Mack
The sculpture will be unveiled in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on the 3rd of June 2014. It will reflect the sunlight there till 23rd of November 2014.

Trend Group has covered Heinz Mack’s artwork with 800.000 mosaic pieces (‘tesserae’) of 24k gold.

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