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venerdì 29 settembre 2017


KRION K-LIFE, the new air-purifying solid surface, could easily outshine other innovative creations, but the new TERRAZO and LUXURY Series have successfully contributed to the revolution KRION is stirring up on the construction materials market. Although both series were presented at the PORCELANOSA Fair, it is at CERSAIE 2017 that they have been truly recognised as a fantastic solution in the world of decoration and design.

TERRAZZO is the name of the new KRION® collection, which seeks to pay tribute to the aesthetics and also the technique of reusing materials that began in the mid-17th century in Venice, when excess pieces of marble were used to produce conglomerates with cement, forming terrazzo as a new construction material. The conception of this new collection was largely guided by the goal of achieving a purified finish to ensure easy combinations with other fashionable materials including metals and wood. SCS certification proves that 40% of the material used is recycled.

The LUXURY Series by KRION® brings us the beauty of nature. The series comes in three new colours: CARRARA SOFT, NACRE and GREY CEMENT. Its finishes are a sophisticated simulation of natural stone, combined with the magnificent quality of KRION®. Using these elements produces a carefully designed vein effect which, like all KRION® colours, can be seen throughout the entire piece, making it ideal for creating decorative KRION® techniques and easy to repair.

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giovedì 28 settembre 2017

CERSAIE 2017 – TEC Column and DECA Shower Screen: the new SYSTEMPOOL products setting trends

SYSTEMPOOL was created with the vocation of furnishing bathrooms. KRION BATH began as a support for this purpose, and today we continue to apply the knowledge acquired to the new products of the sector. At CERSAIE 2017 we present the products that will show the development of the market, TEC Column and DECA Shower Screen.

TEC Column – economy, efficiency and functionality make this series of columns the ideal complement for the daily shower. Adjustable in height, with two styles to choose from where each component (extendible tube thermostatic body, shower head and shower hose) adopts rounded or square forms depending on the model. Includes a flow regulator for EcoEfficient® consumption.

DECA Shower Screen: large shower screen with sliding doors and a SoftClose system to ensure convenient, quiet use. With high safety, 10mm tempered glass, and a robust aluminium profile with a frosted silver finish.

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mercoledì 27 settembre 2017

CERSAIE 2017 – Great reception for the new KRION BATH products

As the main new product, attracting everyone’s attention, KRION BATH presents the PURE Series, designed by Yonoh Estudio Creativo with a wide range of possibilities and combinations. The collection includes sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, mirrors, units, etc.

During Cersaie 2016, the TONO concept by Foster+Partners was presented, and in this 2017 edition, it has become one of the most anticipated products of the PORCELANOSA Group, with participation from the companies of the Group, Noken, L´Antic Colonial and Systempool. It is a modular series, with endless compositions, and the possibility of combining wood, stone, ceramic and KRION.

LINE, the new extra flat shower tray, which can be made to measure, created with high quality materials which provide excellent mechanical characteristics, covered with KRION.

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martedì 26 settembre 2017

CERSAIE 2017 – Presentation of K-LIFE to the press in Bologna; and soon to the rest of the world

The new products involve a great deal of hidden work, a human team, studies and anticipation. We have worked hard on all of them, but if there is a new product that we feel particularly proud of, it is without doubt KRION® K-LIFE. Years of R&D with the sole intention of contributing to improving our quality of life. At first an ambitious dream, it took shape, becoming the most important altruistic act ever undertaken by KRION, the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group.

On Tuesday the 26th at CERSAIE 2017, the multiple new properties offered by K-LIFE will be presented to the press as a sensory experience. Afterwards, visitors to the PORCELANOSA Group stand will be able to see first-hand how KRION K-LIFE is going to revolutionise the solid surface market.

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martedì 26 settembre 2017

Introducing the new PORCELANOSA Group products at CERSAIE 2017

With the excitement that CERSAIE brings year after year, PORCELANOSA Group presents its new products at two stands, with a total space of 600m2, the PREMIUM COLLECTION stand and the GROUP stand, the eight firms of the Group being represented at both.

At the PREMIUM COLLECTION stand, the K-LIFE room is found, which tomorrow, on Tuesday the 26th, will host the presentation of KRION® K-LIFE as a sensory experience, presenting the new properties of the solid surface from PORCELANOSA, KRION® K-LIFE, and how it will contribute to improving our quality of life.

At this same stand we find KRIONL903 GREY CEMENT from the LUXURY series, transformed into a vertical covering in the hallways, and also the new TERRAZO and LUXURY products with curved, backlit and sandblasted finishes.

At the Group stand, we find the material used to create atmospheres, KRION, which we can see on the bar and the cafeteria tables in T901 GRAFITE CLASSICO, the GAMADECOR kitchen in colour T903 CONCRETE, a reception and facade in 6505 TAUPE, and lattice-dividers to create atmospheres in 9904 BRIGHT CONCRETE, 6901 BLACK METAL and 9905 ELEGANT BLACK.

In terms of new KRION BATH products, the consolidation of the PURE, TONO, and PLATO LINE SERIES is notable. SYSTEMPOOL presents the new DECA SCREEN product, with the main distinguishing characteristic of the 10mm thick tempered safety glass, and the thermostatic, extendible TEC COLUMN.

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giovedì 7 settembre 2017

KRION and PORCELANOSA Group faithful to the CERSAIE 2017 appointment

Another year, the PORCELANOSA Group, faithful to its appointment with one of the most important international exhibitions in the ceramic and bathroom furniture sector, will be present from the 25th to the 29th of September at CERSAIE 2017.

The eight companies of PORCELANOSA Group are decked out to present the new additions that will be trending in 2018, and to consolidate the collections that are being held during 2017.

You can visit us in Hall 26 Stand A296 / B198 – A288 / B293, we are waiting for you!!!

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